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Price16,00 €

Get 12 months of pure paragliding inspiration

The 10th Anniversary Jubilee Edition!

It was not the easiest year to get good shots but at the end I am happy with them. I hope the calendar will meet your expectations, too.

Yes there are some litle changes again, but its design stays clean and minimalistic. It is "written" in global language. No unnecessary text, just the numbers and names with GPS coordinates of shot locations worth to paraglide.

Blah, blah, blah... As usually let the photos speak!


  • 12 beautiful photos,
  • additional color cover photo
  • little silver shiny cover detail (new)
  • entirely shot in the Alps,
  • size 480 x 335mm (ca. 19 x 13 inch) landscape,
  • printed on 170g paper,
  • extra layer of glossy lacquer for enhanced colors,
  • limited edition,
  • well packed into stylish cardboard envelope for very safe delivery,
  • already available.

BigOpenSky Wall Calendar 2022 full preview (low resolution pdf file, size 7Mb).