About Us

STENAR.si is webshop with sport equipment. Our offer is based on paragliding equipment, our clients are mostly from Slovenia. Some deliveries are sended also in European Union and other countries.

PGC d.o.o.
Drazgose 6a
4228 Zelezniki

IBAN: SI56101000049496573
bank name: BANKA KOPER D.D.
bank adress: Pristaniska 14, 6502 Koper, Slovenia
Phone:  Gašper 003864153490, Primož 38640204504

WWW: http://www.stenar.si/

E-Mail: info@stenar.si

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PGC d.o.o.
Dražgoše 6a
4228 Železniki
Gašper: +386 40 153 490