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Corrida means bullfight in Spanish, and these are the perfect shades to wear when you whip the winding roads between the bullfight arenas in Ronda, Sevilla or Malaga in south Spain. Corrida are a little tigher, a little more edgy, a little harder. Olé! Rebuilt 2011 with flexible hinges.

About Velodrom sunglasses...

Velodrom is a line of sunglasses and protective eye-wear, designed uniquely for motorbike riding, paragliding and other outdoor sports. Safety, comfort and style at a bargain price: these high-quality glasses retail at 29 €! Velodrom is a very good choice for bikers, pilots and and others who are sick of dust in their eyes, terrified from too dark lenses and bad side view, tortured by headaches caused by thick frames pinching under the helmet, and plagued by chronic running eyes. Velodrom is the permanent solution. Your eyes and vision, as well as your comfort inside a helmet, will benefit. These glasses are developed to meet 11 functional, safety and quality standards, in order to offer you something out of the ordernary. Frames are made of Grilamid TR-90, a flexible material, yet strong enough to endure unbelievely rough treatment. The temple pieces are slim to fit under a helmet without pinching. There are no sharp details that can injure the eyes. The front is made "in one piece" in an ergonomic design that closes tight against the skin in the central area around the nose, to keep wind and dust out. Lenses are made of strong polycarbonate that meets high optical standards. They are optically "neutral", i.e. compensated for any error of refraction that curved lenses might otherwise cause. There is an option of three different lenses. Neutral grey "smoke" lens, light-yellow high-definition lens for dusk and bad weather, and the "dayglow"-lens, a red-brownish lens for any daylight conditions. Currently we have this model only with smoke lenses available on stock!