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UltraBip is a GPS logger alti-vario and voice assistant Bluetooth. It is fully solar-powered and equipped with a concentrate of features that have made the success of STODEUS instruments, all in an ultralight format.

  • Internal GPS logger: IGC FAI-CIVL certified, KML Google Eart
  • Solar-powered: scratch-proof high performance solar cell
  • Internal battery with 50h of autonomy without sun
  • Bluetooth BLE connectivity (iOS and Android
  • Speaks personalized in-flight information (altitude, speed, heading, and more) in several languages
  • Smart mode announces flight information automatically
  • 4GB internal memory: stores more than 10.000 flight tracks!
  • Instant Vario Technology (highly sensitive accelerometer, gyroscope and pressure sensors)
  • Dual Audio: voice Hi-Fi speaker + vario piezo buzzer
  • Loud buzzer 95dB (5 levels : min, med, high, boost, silent + LED)
  • Fully configurable: web-app and Vario Tone Editor
  • Solar charge from 0 to 100% in 10h
  • USB-C: backup charge and files transfer
  • Earphones output for vario beeps and Voice Assistant informations (earphones adapter needed)
  • Ultralight: 29g
  • Made in France

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